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  • Essentials to floor screeding guide

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    What Would it Cost You to Install the Wrong Screed
    and With the Wrong People?

    One thing is for sure: no flooring expert wants to lay a fancy floor finish on top of an uneven sub-floor. Irrespective of the type and size of a screeding task, wrong material selection, incorrect or incomplete specifications, and unskilled workers are the ingredients of a recipe for disaster: a low-quality, weak screed that will greatly affect project success.

    Your customers deserve perfect floors and the best quality of service
    The key to reducing the risks inherent in installing floor screeds consists in the use of the best screeding solutions, such as K-Screed products, in conjunction with a team of knowledgeable, highly trained and experienced floor screeding professionals who are able to specify and lay screeds to perfection, just like our CSC Screeding team.

    Why Choose…


      Essentials to floor screeding guide

    • K-Screed?

      • With more than 30 years of experience in developing pioneering, high-quality, cost-effective solutions for the floor screeding industry, Flowcrete UK has turned the difficult task of delivering flat and level sub-floors into a relatively easy undertaking. As a result, K-Screed products lie beneath hundreds of landmark developments worldwide.
      • Thanks to the innovative K-Screed formulations that enhance the performance characteristics of screeds, there are fewer variables and on-site operations required. This reduces the risk of errors, and leads to improved efficiency and higher quality sub-floors that can host a wide variety of floor finishes.
      • K-Screed products still rely on the skills of the individual to produce high-quality results. Since only approved licensees are allowed to install these products, you can rest assured knowing that K-Screed will always provide a high-end, strong, durable and sustainable screed construction that will make possible consistent service delivery for many years to come

      CSC Screeding?

      • In a nutshell, because your flooring project needs skilled professionals. As a long-established, award-winning screeding company, CSC Screeding has the technology, in-depth technical knowledge and dedicated professionals to deliver faultless, durable floor screeds for any environment, including residential and commercial settings with high volumes of traffic such as sports centres, schools, retail stores, malls, medical centres and hospitals.
      • By combining award-winning K-Screed products with our exceptional attention to the quality of the sub-floors we install, you can feel secure in the knowledge that we always deliver quality work on time, as per specifications.
      • Problems of flatness, levelness, cracking, curling and debonding cannot be avoided entirely. Since our professionals know what precautions and remedial measures to implement in order to prevent early screed failure, you can progress to the next stage of your project instead of having to deal with various sub-floor issues.

      Our “Floor Screeding Essentials” Guide?

      • Screed specifications are the most essential part of a flooring project.
      • Wrong or incomplete specifications can cause major problems that may cost you and your customers a lot in terms of time and money.
      • This guide draws together relevant information and standards that apply to screeding projects in a well-defined, clear, concise, complete and correct language, enhancing project delivery and improving development efficiency.